About Us

Luna Pizza offers a distinct thin crust pizza topped with fresh mozarella, plum tomatoes and 100% Italian olive oil. Fresh, quality ingredients make the difference in providing our loyal customers with a pizza that is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Thank you, and enjoy!


LOVE the pizza so thin. My fiancé loves the wings. and every time weve gone the staff has been great and very friendly to our children.
Myranda L.
White pizza. That's all I can say. The only thing I want to order from here. To warn you, between the bread and cheese the put in garlic, but I love it.
Caroline B.
I ate here the other night, and have to give the restaurant HUGE credit, and a shout out as I left wallet there. I called the next morning to retrieve it, and was thrilled that everything was in it. Thank you to this restaurant for their kindness and consideration, and setting the right kind of example. Kudos to you! Please support this restaurant!
Andrea Y.
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